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English Language Editing FAQs

Where an author has received editorial assistance, it is common practice to acknowledge the name of the individuals or company who provided that service, after obtaining their agreement, in your manuscript. If you would like to acknowledge our English Language editing services please include the following sentence on your Acknowledgement Page: ‘This manuscript was edited for English Language by KnE Publication Support Services http://www.knepublishingmanuscripts.com.'

We take the issue of plagiarism extremely seriously and we will not rewrite or paraphrase text that has been plagiarised from previously published work. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that all previously published work included in their article has been cited appropriately.

Once you have received your edited file, check through the edits made by the editor, which will be clearly marked using Word’s Track Changes feature. If you agree with the changes, you can ‘Accept’ them using the ‘Review’ tab. Go through any comments that the editor has added and make amendments to the text. If there are any points raised by the editor that you would like to have clarified, please contact the helpdesk and we will contact the editor on your behalf.

Yes, if you have received comments from reviewers after submitting your article to your chosen journal, we would be happy to edit your reply before you resubmit. Please remember to send the reviewer comments and your responses, along with the revised manuscript so that the editor can edit your reply appropriately.

Yes. If you were particularly happy with the work on a previous paper then you can request to have the same editor work on your next article (subject to availability). Please provide us with the paper number of your previous article and we will make sure that your new article is assigned to the same editor. If for any reason your chosen editor is unavailable, we will let you know and give you the option to choose another editor or wait until the original editor becomes available.

Please note that as part of our Ethics Policy we do not disclose the personal identities of our editors.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the editing of your article then we will re-edit your article free of charge. Please contact the helpdesk team, stating the reasons why you are not satisfied, giving as much detail as possible. We will then arrange for the article to be checked again until you are completely satisfied with your edited article.

Yes. If there are any points you would like to clarify with the editor after your article has been edited then please let us know by contacting our helpdesk. We will then contact the editor on your behalf and send you their reply.

As part of our KnE Essential and KnE Advanced packages we can reduce the length of your article by up to 10% to comply with journal guidelines. For our KnE Premium package, this increases to up to a 20% reduction in length. Please let us know when you upload your article if you would like the editor to reduce the length of your article.

Once you have uploaded your article to our website, it will be assessed by a member of our team before being assigned to an editor. Before your article has been assessed, if you would like to change the package type of your article then please contact our helpdesk and we will arrange this. Once your article has been assigned to an editor you will not be able to change the package type.

Yes, once your article has been completed, you can download an Editorial Certificate from our website, by clicking on the green tick symbol next to your article.

If you have made significant changes to your paper after we have completed our edit, the certificate may not be valid and you should check with our customer services department at helpdesk@knepublishingmanuscripts.com.  A ‘significant’ change is regarded as new content being introduced, or a large proportion of our recommended changes for the document not being accepted, and resulting in language errors being left in the manuscript.

An Editorial Certificate does not guarantee publication as this is the decision of the journal editor.

Yes, this is included in all our packages. Please remember to mention your target journal when you upload your article. Our editors will then make sure that your article complies with the journal guidelines.

Our goal is to simplify the communication process to reduce the need for direct contact with the editors. To enable this, our helpdesk team is available to support queries between authors and editors, so we suggest that you contact our helpdesk in the first instance. However, we recognise that sometimes direct contact may be useful for complex projects or requests, and we can review this in specific circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes. We offer an independent journal selection service to identify the right journal for your article. As part of this service, an editor with subject expertise will review your article and provide you with a report listing 4 or 5 suitable journals for your article. Our editors select journals independently and selection is based on the content of your article, your desired readership and your target journal Impact Factor, striking the right balance between Impact Factor and likelihood of acceptance.

You will be provided with a report listing journal name, the URL, the URL of the author guidelines, the reasons why the journal is suitable (examples of previous similar articles the journal has published), the journal Impact Factor, ISSN, where the journal is abstracted and indexed, how many issues per year, or any other factors you specify. Providing you with a detailed report of the features of several suitable journals allows you to make an informed decision regarding the best journal for your manuscript.

All our editing packages include a high-level English language edit, checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and readability, as well as checking for consistency of content and ensuring that your article complies with journal guidelines. Each service offers a different level of benefits, depending on at what stage your article is in the publishing process.

KnE Essential – full language check, 60% discount for re-editing your article within 1 year, and ability to choose your preferred editor.

KnE Advanced – in addition to the services offered in our KnE Essential package, you will also be able to have your article re-edited free of charge within 1 year and will receive help with your reviewer responses. 

KnE Premium – for articles that may require a greater level of intervention in the scientific content as well as language, this package includes all the benefits of our KnE Essential and KnE Advanced packages, as well as a full scientific review from our expert editors to improve the content and increase the likelihood of successful peer review evaluation. Please click here to see an example of the Scientific Review form used by our editors when reviewing your article. You will also be able to have your article re-edited free of charge within 1 year.

For further details on what is included in each of our packages, please click here.

Yes, as part of our KnE Flexible range of services we offer cover letter editing and it is also included in our KnE Premium package.

To edit your cover letter, we will need you to supply your draft letter, information about your target journal and the full article to be submitted.

Please let us know if your article has already been submitted and undergone peer review. If this is the case, please also send on any reviewer comments so that the editor can refer to these when editing your cover letter.

In the unlikely event that you cannot find your subject area listed on our website then please contact our helpdesk and we will be able to assign your article to the most appropriate editor.

Submission Process FAQs

You upload your paper via our online system. Click here to register an account if you do not have one already and log in to upload your paper. When you log in you will be taken to the ‘My Papers’ section. Click on ‘Submit a Paper'. You will be asked to give some information about the paper and the service you would like to use, read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and finally upload your paper.

Our standard turnaround for our KnE Essential and KnE Advanced packages is 6 days, and 3 days for fast-track (10 days for Premium). You may also select the 2-day service on Essential and Advanced packages, for papers under 6000 words. KnE Flexible turnaround times will vary depending on the service.

You will receive an email when you submit your paper to confirm the turnaround time and once your paper is completed and ready to be downloaded. If you wish to change the priority of your paper, please contact our helpdesk and we will be happy to help. Click here to find out more. 


We edit a full range of content types, including:

Journal papers


Books and book chapters

Proceedings and conference papers


Curricula vitae

If your content type is not included here, please contact us to discuss it.  

We also cover a full range of academic disciplines: • Medical Sciences •Life Sciences •Physical Sciences & Engineering •Business & Economics •Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Yes, we do edit references, and this is included as part of our normal editing service. Please note that your references will count towards the total word count. You can also choose to exclude references if you wish. References will be edited for compliance with the correct format of your chosen journal. However, our editors will not rewrite the actual format between, for example, Harvard and Vancouver styles. If you do require this service, we offer reference formatting as part of the KnE Flexible Services.  

We understand that many authors choose to use reference management software such as Mendeley or Endnote to generate their citations and references. We cannot guarantee that our editors will have the software to be able to edit your references using these programmes. In these cases we will not be able to edit the references, as any changes would be overwritten if the citations or references are regenerated later. We recommend that you remove the reference management software before supplying your manuscript for editing if you would like the editor to work on your references.

Please review the instructions for authors for the journal to which you want to submit your manuscript, to ensure you have followed their guidelines exactly.

If you have any questions, please contact our helpdesk team for advice. We are here to help you to achieve success in getting published.

It is very common that your target journal may recommend further changes after peer review. We recognise that it can be difficult to interpret and apply these recommendations. If you chose our KnE Essential Service, we offer a 60% discount on re-editing your paper to accommodate the reviewers’ recommendations and any changes you made; if you chose our KnE Advanced or KnE Premium Services, your paper will be re-edited for free for up to 1 year. We reserve the right to charge for further re-editing if the changes are extensive or have been made to comply with a different target journal’s guidelines.

To submit your paper for a re-edit, please log in to the website. You will be taken to the 'My Papers' section. Click on "View Completed Papers" to find the correct paper. You can then click on the "Re-edit" icon to start the re-edit process.

If you have any questions about the process or would like to discuss your situation in more detail, please contact our helpdesk. 

For more information regarding re-edits, please click here.

You can email us or visit the Contact Us page for our full contact details.

Translation FAQs

We offer high-quality, professional translation services for a wide range of text types and language combinations. Our translators only translate into their native language, meaning your final manuscript will be of the highest quality in terms of language and style.  

Currently we offer Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Portuguese into English. Please click here for more information.

Please note that we do not accept machine-translated documents for editing. These documents are frequently very difficult to understand and there is a high risk that any changes made could introduce errors into your text. We reserve the right to reject a paper if we suspect that it has been machine translated. Instead, we recommend that you have your article professionally translated.

We offer a translation service for authors where a professional translator with knowledge of your subject area will work with your original article in the source language and translate it into English. The translated article will then be checked by a native English-speaking editor before being returned to you. Please contact us for further details.

Quality Guarantee FAQs

All of our editors are native English speakers and have advanced degree qualifications and PhD, BELS or equivalent in the subjects in their field. This is why we need the subject classification of your paper, so that we can assign it to our expert editors in the same subject.

We welcome your feedback on the editing as well, as it helps us to ensure that we maintain our quality standards and provide the highest level of expertise. You are welcome to see the profile of some of our editors in our Editor Profiles section.

We take great pride in providing our customers with consistently high-quality work. Our expert editors are native speakers of English who have advanced qualifications in their specific subject areas and who have training and experience as editors. We test our editors to ensure they work to the highest possible standards and many of our editors are also members of professional societies.

Yes. All papers and personal information are kept on secure servers and all of our editors are contractually bound by non-disclosure agreements regarding the content of academic papers. Please click here to read our Quality Guarantee.  

All our editors can edit in British or US English, depending on your requirements and those of your chosen target journal. If you have a preference for which style to use, please let us know when you upload your paper.

Payment Options FAQs

You can pay for the service at any point during the editing process, using our secure payment options, such as PayPal or bank transfer. Please click here for more information.

We only accept payment in US dollars (USD).

If you live in the UK, you will be charged VAT. There are no other taxes currently added to our prices, but do remember that it is your responsibility to pay for bank charges.

Yes, you can change the billing address displayed on your invoice by editing your profile to include an additional address.

On the pricing page, select “Get quote” under the package you have chosen and a quote will be emailed to you. Please note that prices may be subject to change, and final pricing will be confirmed at the time your order is received. Please also note that prices are quoted exclusive of any discounts or promotional codes. If these are applicable at the time your order is placed, you can include them in the order form.

As soon as your paper has been assessed, you will be able to download an invoice from our website by clicking on the invoice icon next to your article. You can change the billing address displayed on your invoice by editing your profile to include an additional address. Once payment for your paper has been made, your invoice will show the date your payment was received, and a PayPal payment reference number, if you paid via PayPal.