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Why Journal Selection is Critical

Journal selection is a critical factor in successful academic publishing, as important as article selection. Just as you choose to write a paper that has significant novelty and scientific merit (to increase its chances of publication), you need to select a suitable journal for your paper. While the primary criteria is that your article should match the aims of the journal, there are additional aspects to consider, such as impact factor, readership and open access. A mismatch with the journal’s aims – also known as scope or focus – is one of the most common reasons for desk rejection, a scenario that can be avoided through the use of a quality journal selection service.

Journal Selection Service

With our Journal Selection Service, our seasoned academic experts identify up to 5 journals that offer the best match for your paper.

Experience and Expertise

Our Journal Selection Service is performed by senior researchers/academics with years of experience in various aspects of scholarly publishing, including academic writing and editing, peer review, journal submission, and of course journal selection.

In-depth Analysis

Our Journal Selection Service experts go through each section of your manuscript in detail (from the abstract to the conclusion) to understand its focus, novelty and scientific merits.

Best Matches

Based on their analysis of your paper, along with any other information you provide, our Journal Selection Service experts identify a careful selection of up to 5 journals (out of thousands) that offer the best match with your paper.

What the Journal Selection Service Includes


Based on their analysis of your paper and your stated objectives, our experts identify up to five journals that are the most appropriate match for your paper.


In a detailed report, our experts provide relevant information on the selected journals, including publication speeds, open access policies and publication charges.


In the final part of the report, our experts provide their recommendation on the journal you should primarily target for submission.

Offering and Price

Number of Shortlisted Journals

Up to 5 journals selected.

Turnaround Time

3-5 business days.



Sample Journal Selection Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Journal Selection Service report includes relevant details for up to 5 academic journals that are the best match for your paper based on an analysis of your paper and an understanding of your requirements. It includes details such as scope, impact factor, speed of publication, open access policy (if applicable) and references to similar published articles. The report thus aims to help you make a decision on a suitable target journal. To guide your decision-making, at the end of the report, we provide our recommendation on the first-choice journal.

Our academic experts go through every section of your manuscript in detail (including the abstract) and any additional information you may provide (such as your publishing objectives) in order to arrive at a shortlist of journals. However, our experts do not perform an academic edit or technical review of your manuscript.

If you believe your manuscript may benefit from language editing and/or a scientific review, click here to find out more. 

The Journal Selection Service report includes a link to the homepage of each shortlisted journal. However, the service does not include submitting to the recommended or shortlisted journals. For help with submission to the target journal, you may refer to the Author (Submission) Guidelines section of the journal using the homepage link provided on the report.

Our Journal Selection Service aims to guide your decision on selecting a suitable journal for your manuscript. Through the in-depth analysis by our experts, it also seeks to increase the likelihood of your manuscript being considered favourably by any of the shortlisted journals. However, it does not guarantee either acceptance or publication by any of the journals. This is also because there are factors beyond our control, such as the choices of and decisions by the peer reviewers.

Nevertheless, with a high-quality manuscript and after careful consideration of the pointers in the report, you should be able to significantly improve your chances of acceptance/publication with any of the shortlisted journals.